Uyghur Hjelp project

Uyghur Hjelp project

Uyghur Hjelp a non profit Uyghur humane rights advocacy and research project is aimed to help Uyghurs in diaspora who are encountering with various challenges and the difficulties. This project is not affiliated with any organization or government; all participants are passionate, dedicated, and sincere individuals who support this project by making financial donation and/or by contributing their time and professional skills to help Uyghurs. If the project succeeds the first-year trial period, Uyghur Hjelp is planning to convert the project into a formal international foundation.

The Uyghur Hjelp project includes the following projects:

  1. Student Aid Program;
  2. Orphan Aid Program;
  3. Aiding People in Need Program (widows, elderly, people in poverty, people with disability);
  4. Parental Guidance Program (this provides parents with guidance on how to teach their children family values, religion, and their mother language Uyghur, and how to assist children with their academic performance).
  5. Uyghur Language Training, Religious and Cultural Awareness Program (this program includes collaborating with and consulting relevant educational institutions, setting up curriculum for teaching Uyghur language, culture, religion and history).

Anyone who would like to contribute to Uyghur Hjelp Project can do so through financial donation and/or with their time and applicable skillsets.

A specific account will be provided to the donors.  Donors will be provided with a monthly financial report.  Accounting, finance, and oversight committees operate independently from each other to ensure the transparency and accountability. Nominees to these financial positions will be provided to the donors and donors’ input will be taken into consideration for finalization.

Abduweli Ayup, the founder of this project, will manage the project.  However, he does not involve in the donation and spending processes. He only participates the high-level oversight of the finance.

According to the implementation plan, potential donors will be identified, and amount of their monthly donation will be estimated.  Then, the number of students and their monthly financial needs will be provided to the donors.  The fund will be distributed according to the available budget and the need of each student.

Donors can join the project publicly, anonymously, or through third parties. The applicant needs to provide a government issued photo ID, a recommendation letter and a proof of financial need. Unless requested by both parties, the identities and privacy of the beneficiaries and donors should not be disclosed to each other. To apply for the financial assistance, the applicant must fill out the application form truthfully, provide necessary documents, a recommendation letter, and meet all the eligibility requirements. If the financial assistance is no longer needed, the beneficiaries are encouraged to contribute financially to the project or volunteer their time for the project.

The  objective of  the project is to sponsor students  receiving professional training  in  science, engineering and social science disciplines, such as  medicine, engineering, computer science, pharmaceutical science, software engineering, market management, green energy, mechanical engineering ,  journalism, law, management, economics, accounting, social sciences, psychology, and theology. The projects will also help students to be successful in their academic training and subsequent professional careers.

Since most of the existing financial aid organizations only sponsor students who are already in colleges and universities, this project will provide financial aid to students who are in technical vocational training schools, language schools or other types of vocational schools. Program will also sponsor students who are preparing for their exams. The beneficiaries will sign contract with the project noting that once becoming financially independent they will become potential donors of the project.

If you also would like to become a part of this project, you can support us by making  financial donations, or contribute to the projects with your time and professional knowledge, skills and talents.