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Donate/Contribute to UyghurHjelp

Documenting Uyghur genocide project

$ 10 Monthly
  • Fact finding
  • Helping victims
  • Provide evidences

Preserving Uyghur culture in diaspora

$ 10 Monthly
  • Publishing Uyghur books
  • Support Mother Language Schools
  • Perserving Uyghur Meshrep

Student Aid Projects & Youth Award

$ 10 Monthly
  • University student aid
  • Language student aid
  • Vocational training student aid

Vocational training, assisting the poor and orphans

$ 10 Monthly
  • Help vocational training
  • Helping poor and orphans
  • Organizing Volunteering events

Uyghur Advocacy Volunteer Award

$ 10 Monthly
  • Publishing articles
  • Organize meetings with media
  • Awarding volunteers

Uyghur Mother Language Education Aid

$ 10 Monthly
  • Help Mother language students
  • Help Mother language teachers
  • Publishing Mother Language Books

We welcome and appreciate any forms of contribution or donation to UyghurYar for supporting the Uyghurs in diaspora. Your contribution/donation can be made either publicly or anonymously.
If you would like to donate, the following is the bank contact information of UyghurYar:

Account name: UYGHUR HJELP
Account type: Business (organization account)
Account number: 3330 30 29465
IBAN: NO0433303029465
Bank Address: Sørhauggata 150, 5527 Haugesund, Norway

Paypal Account: [email protected]